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Shelley Gardham

I am 42 years old.  My full time job is with the Region of Waterloo in the Provincial Offences Court for 17 years.  I have been a group fitness instructor for 14 years.  I started out at the Cambridge YMCA, then continued on to the Region of Waterloo’s Employee gyms, Fitness 360 and now Popeyes/World Gym.   My passion is step aerobics for sure but I also love teaching muscle conditioning classes.  There was a time before I became an instructor that I would hit those cardio machines for at least an hour and then I would move on to another cardio machine.  It wasn’t until I started taking muscle classes that I realized how much your body changes when it becomes stronger.   I don’t remember what it was exactly that prompted me to become an instructor but I just remember making the decision to take the course at the YMCA and haven’t looked back since.


Advanced Step and ​Strength Bootcamp

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