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Jay Kearns

Jay is an elite personal trainer and coach and will get you where you need to be.  Based out of Kitchener/Waterloo for in-person training and available globally for online coaching. 

Jay has been a trainer for over a decade, with multiple certifications and specialty training. Previously from Alberta, Jay started early with a background in Krav Maga, moving into bodybuilding. Jay has coached and motivated clients to exceed the provincial stage in bodybuilding, and to place as high as the national level. Having spent time training amongst the elite in Canada, he understands what it takes to succeed.  Specializing in bodybuilding and muscle gain, fat loss, and injury rehabilitation, Jay also has backgrounds in powerlifting, sports player training (hockey, lacrosse, football, etc), martial arts, military and police prep.


Jay's experience makes him a well-rounded coach for all your fitness needs.


Specialties-Bodybuilding Specialist-Elite Level Personal Trainer-Certified Personal Trainer -Nutritional Planning-CPS-Pre/Post Natal, youth and senior, group training, exercise therapy.-ISSA, NCCPT, NASM, CEPT, PT ELITE-Master - Krav Maga, Advanced unarmed Combat, Advanced Knife Defense, Urban tactics and practices.Follow for tips and articles you may enjoy:

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