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Travis Charters

Owner and Trainer Charters training and conditioning


Co owner D&T Fitness


FKCI Master trainer


TRX certified


Virtruvian muscle Testing and Gait Analysis


Nutrition for Athletes


Travis has been a Canfitpro certified personal trainer for 8+ years. His love of fitness began with high school and OUA football, moved to Muay Thai kickboxing and finished with him in the fitness industry.

He uses a strong base in traditional strength training combined with the best in conditioning, core and hypertrophic training. He has worked with everyone from OHL hockey players, OUA rugby players, senior strongmen to people looking to start on their fitness journey.

Specializing in personal, small group and boot camp training.

If you want your body to work well and pain free and get fitter and stronger in the process then contact Travis:




My Website

Strength and  Conditioning


Learn to squat, deadlift and press properly and safely in a small group setting. Build strength, muscle and fitness all in one 45 minute session. You will use traditional strength training methods combined with advanced conditioning. 5x5, EMOM, super sets are just a sample of the methods you will learn. If you’ve ever been afraid to lift heavier weights then this is the group for you! Become a stronger, healthier you!

Wednesday 7:00am-Strength and Conditioning 

Friday 7:00am-Strength and Conditioning 

To contact me for information on pricing or to sign up for my classes please submit your information below!


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