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Hi, my name is Stefanie and I am a fitness addict ;)


I decided to start teaching fitness as a means to improve both my health and life in 2011. I was bartending PT while attending school FT and had just had a beautiful baby boy the year before. As one can imagine, there was never enough time to work out, bartend and attend school. Plus, a baby that wasn’t interested in sleeping through the night had me looking for other opportunities. Lo and behold, I learned I could combine these, working out and earning a living, Eureka! I started teaching Zumba in March of that year, a month later I had completed my CanFit Pro training as a Certified Group Fitness instructor. What started as a practical solution to a complicated situation soon became something completely different; teaching changed my life. I have met hundreds of wonderful people throughout my years as an instructor and this experience has shown me many things; by far the two most important are that I love to teach and I love people. Now that I have completed school, I have added other types of classes. I adore teaching Boot-Camp and love the challenge of kicking up some awesome routines. My life has changed so much over the years and my goals now are far different, but teaching fitness gave me something I can’t get anywhere –and I just can’t get enough of it. I aim to inspire in every class, and in every class I’m left inspired by those I teach. Those who try my class for the first time, regardless of class genre usually always leave with the same impression of me, ‘Holy crap, that girl is crazy’. Live life, live healthy and reach to get the most out of it. See you in class ;) 


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