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Luke George

I'm Luke George, 41 from Kitchener, Owner of EvoLUKEtion Fitness . 


I first got into training when I was 16 years old, and was working on a semi pro hockey career! But unfortunately sustained an injury which prevented me from moving forward with my career. As time and years went on my training suffered in some areas. I became overweight at one point! My wake call for me was December of 2012 stepping on the scale and weighing 287 pounds. Change was needed in my life couldn't keep going in this direction! I remember always looking for that quick fix and hitting plateaus! Never having that proper guidance with training and supplementation. Because I always liked to keep active, I took up weight training 5 years ago and haven't looked back since! This also led me to get my certifications through International Sports Science in personal training, and Strength and Conditioning.  Also happy to say I lost over 100 pounds competed in my first men's physique show in 2015 placing 3rd! I will also be competing in my second show this year 2018. This journey hasn't been easy many ups and downs but I stayed focused. 


When I started on this path, I set realistic goals, and trained like a machine. If you put your mind to it and give it your all and being version of yourself anything is possible to achieve. 


My advice for people training is to stay focused on your goals and dreams. Stay dedicated and you'll be over the moon with the results you accomplish. 


Come join me at EvoLUKEtion Fitness if your looking for great results. Remember push through the pain because giving up hurts more. 

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