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jacob van

Finding it hard to maintain your health and fitness? Have you ever thought to yourself that it is time to make a change but you were unable to follow through on that change? Have you ever been able to fully push yourself to your limit? Have you ever set a goal but never actually reached that end goal? This is quite common in the fitness industry, and my goal is to aspire others to live a healthy and active lifestyle while enjoying themselves in the process. My name is Jacob Van Haaster and I have been a trainer for about 5 years now. I have played competitive soccer my whole life as well as coaching kids. After I decided not to pursue my soccer career in the states I decided to go into the fitness industry to help others and do what I enjoy the most. I have also been into bodybuilding for over 5 years now and I am dedicated to fitness and living a healthy lifestyle through structured nutrition/workout plans. Experienced in the health and fitness industry. My experience training stems from people of all ages as well as working with various amounts of clients with different passions, disabilities, injuries and goals. If you want to make a change let's get together to discuss your fitness goals today.




  • Certified Personal Trainer -OFC

  • Standard First Aid and CPR HCP

  • Fitness and Health Promotion Diploma




  • One on one training

  • Partner trainer

  • Online training/structured workout & nutrition plans

  • Nutrition 


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