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Jessie Poisson

Jessie began her personal Yoga journey in 2016 attending classes as a student and she instantly fell in love. Initially it was the physical practice that drew her in - but then the mental clarity, self-awareness and mindfulness was what kept her practicing. 


As someone who experiences anxiety, Yoga became a tool. 

When she finds her mind racing with thoughts, she turns to Yoga. 

When she finds her body holding tension, she turns to Yoga. 

Yoga has become an integral part of her daily life as a way to move her body, calm the mind, ground her senses, and to elevate her spirit. 


In 2021, Jessie completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) through an immersive course led by Christina Raskin and Soul Thrive Yoga. Jessie also completed her Breath Coach and Gravity Yoga® certifications through YOGABODY®, along with Trauma & Embodiment Training through TEAO (Trauma & Embodiment Association of Ontario).



As an instructor - Jessie is compassionate, enthusiastic, and approachable. 

Her intention is to inspire people to live in the present moment, be curious through mindful movement and to embrace their true Self. Jessie provides offerings that are well-rounded for everyone; from athletes to those who may be injured, less flexible or less physically-abled. Throughout all of her classes, Jessie offers options that allow you to move in a way that feels good in your body, she also loves to use props. Jessie takes pride in honouring the roots of Yoga philosophy and Yoga science in her teachings while creating genuine connections with her students on and off the mat. Her approach integrates diaphragmatic breath with fun intentional movement.


Class Styles Offered

Saturdays 10:00AM at The Studio Gym:


  • Gentle Flow Deep Stretch

    • Take a moment to slow down, breathe through deep juicy stretches, and relax. We will hold passive stretches longer and move according to our body's needs. 

    • If you are new to Yoga, this class will offer that soft-start to help build foundations and to feel empowered in your body.

  • Mobility Flow

    • Let's warm up the body through fun movement flows that play with our range of motion and apply dynamic strength and stretch.

  • Self-Care Vinyasa

    • Let's get your body moving, your mind settled, and feeling your best. Here we'll play with fluid movements, core strengthening and balancing postures to kickstart your day!

Class Schedule, Details, and Signup through her website 


Instagram @jm_poisson

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