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Tracy Sousa

My health and fitness journey started many moons ago and over the years I have developed a holistic approach to health and fitness. I believe in treating the entire body as one working unit (this includes the mind) instead of in parts and pieces. You could call me a lifestyle coach instead of a personal trainer/yoga instructor/meditation teacher but I suppose I’m a blend of all the above.


Thanks to my diverse blend of education I have a unique style of training and teach clients what I like to call “the bottom up approach”. Meaning, we start by building a strong foundation and then work our way up. Here’s how it works: your first few sessions will be spent assessing your movement/form, how to move mindfully (which helps with engagement), address areas of weakness, how to properly use your core and how to keep it “on” during movement and lastly, how to breathe while exercising. Personally, I know how hard it is to start slowly and build your way up but I can tell you from experience that a slow and steady approach is what creates those long lasting or forever changes. With a balanced approach you will discover more about yourself and you’ll have an easier time keeping that mind/body connection active while you train. Sure, you can rush to achieve your goals and keep the results temporarily or you can take the time to connect with yourself and enjoy the process at the same time. I believe it’s the enjoyment of the process that’s most important and not necessarily the end result. If you are enjoying the process, the likelihood you’ll be thrilled with your “end” result is a given!

My commitment to you:

I promise to be open and honest about your training, I promise to direct you to someone who can help you if I can’t, I promise to listen to you, I promise to continue to educate myself on matters of health/fitness so that I can continue to provide you with quality coaching and lastly, I promise to practice what I preach. I will not sell you band-aid programming or quick fixes. I’m looking for clients who are ready to take responsibility for their health and wellness, who have a passion for health and fitness, who want to challenge themselves and/or those who want to learn and grow. 


• Sports Conditioning Coach - Ace Certification

• Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training - Akshi Yogashala in Rishikesh, India

• Completion of various short-term programs (a list can be provided upon request)


Highlights: • Coaching with Bill Kazmaier (former world champion powerlifter and world champion strongman) on: barbell overhead press, bench press and deadlifting

• Coaching with Louie Simmons (owner of Westside Barbell) on a variety of lower body movements

• 4 years of mentorship at Lil’s Gym

• Countless hours of study on yoga and meditation, including trips to India for additional study

• Over a decade of experience with weight training and other forms of exercise.

Social Media:

Instagram: @soulrebeltraining

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