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kyle rausch

Hey everyone,

My name is coach Kyle, and I have been a personal trainer and life coach for over 10 years.

I provide fast and efficient weight loss and muscle gain so you can...

1) Feel good about your choices at the end of each day...

2) Be stronger to keep up with your sports, work demands, and little humans in your life...

3) Exude energy and confidence that exercise brings to your mental health...

4) Feel impressive and attractive to your significant other...

Last, take care of yourself and work with veteran professionals who have been helping people and love doing it and helping you win in the game of life!

Weight Loss Specialist

Come Off Your Medications

Put Years On Your Life!

I am certified in:

Healthy & Efficient Weight Loss

Nutrition & Nutritional Psychology

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Body Building & Strength Training

Certifications are:

Fascial Stretch Therapy 1, 2, & 3 (Manual Therapy to Fix Pain)

Exercise Therapy 1 & 2 (Advanced-Easy to Follow Posture Correction)

Can Fit Pro & CPTN (Basic PT Certs)

MWOD Mobility Specialist (Move Better & Feel Less Stiff)

Precision Nutrition - Advanced Nutrition Application & Psychology

Health Eating and Weight Loss Coach Lvl 1

Darby Hypertrophy Fundamentals (Body-Building)

I work with people from all walks of life and help them apply detailed science in easy to follow, stepwise ways.

I was a former personal training educator at Movati Athletic before it shut down.

Text, call or leave a message at 519-500-6129 and book your FREE consultation today!

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